Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus

Hollow vase with a swirling bark inclusion.

Tall light coloured piece with stong contrasts between wood and intense rich dark bark running through the middle of the vase.

This piece features a prominent bark inclusion, or 'bark pocket'. An unpredictable but beautiful aspect of otherwise 'undesirable' wood for most commercial reasons. Bark pockets can be formed by inosculation, formation of a tree fork, encapsulation of a branch, joining together of an uneven trunk, or encapsulation of another object.

During inosculation, the bark trapped between the two joining trunk becomes surrounded with wood once the trunks fuse. The resulting bark pocket formed during inosculation or in a tree fork is referred to as included bark.
When a branch is encapsulated, the outer bark on the branch may remain inside the wood of the tree, as the trunk widens and grows around the branch.

Width 11cm
Hight 24cm

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