Hand thrown clay bowl.

The largest of the clay bowls in this mini collection, 
Uses the same glase, but a much thinner coating. I felt a sense of achivement with this piece, as it was one of the largest I’d thrown at the time. Clay shrinks 10-15% in the kiln, depending on your clay. Learning to throw larger results in some real progress and new options.

This piece has a small ‘flaw’ in the form of a small chip on the rim of this bowl. So I’ve added a little patch with a mondern kintsui method. 
The gaze I’ve used in this mini-collection has a big colour varation. On end of the colour range the glaze has earth tones, orange and iron rusts and on the other end it has greens like aqua green, copper verdigris, and a dark mossy green.

Did you know I make pottery too?
I've really not been able to make much over the last year, as I go to classes and use the facilities at @clayworksstudiodumfries. With lockdowns, limited space and other projects to work on, I've not been able to take up classes.
If you buy these pieces over @springfling 2021, hopefully it will go into funding me to get back to it.

Buy buying local art works/craft pieces, you also feed into the broader local creative community and economy in Dumfries

Big thanks to @kirstinmcewanphotography for the photos

Width 16.7cm at widest point, with a 5.6cm base
Height 8.5cm

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