Ebonised Oak Kintsugi Bowl

This piece is super unique, while I can make similar shapes none will look quite the same. It broke in turning, and I've repaired it. Now gold coloured seams not only show the repairs, but highlight them.

Kintsugi is a Japanese repair culture and philosophy that recognises the beauty in the repair, often seen in pottery. Here I’ve applied the same idea but to this wooden bowl.

Ebonisation is a process of using a rust solution to create a reaction with the tannins in the oak, the wood is not dyed black, the wood itself changes colour. The wood can go either a deep navy blue or black. But because there is not paint involved, the grain in the wood is not filled in, and is able to stand out so well. Its magical to watch happen.

In past exhibitions, ebonised pieces have always sold fast. So if it's your kind of piece, jump on it quick. This bowl is a medium size, measurments bellow.

Also, if Kintsugi interest you - My upcoming new public art project is hugely influenced and inspired by Kintsugi.
It's part of @atlaspandemica and named Beauty in the Broken. If you'd like to read up or follow the project Click Here

16.3 cm in diameter at widest point
& 9.5 cm height.

At shipping select small size

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