Wavy Live Edge Bowl B

One of a pair of live edged bowls I made at the same time.

Live edge, natural edged or bark edged, all basically the same thing - its where I’ve let the natural shape of the bark side of the tree define the edge of the bowl. So the top of the bowl holds a unique shaped edge

I’ve pulled back the bark to find these beautiful wavy shapes, split the log in two and made a bowl from each side.

If you like to bring a nature inspiration to your home, office, reception, bedroom or gallery - this is the set for you.

Pieces available separately, but work well together as a set.

This is piece A - click along to see piece B

Turned in the lockdown summer of 2020, these pieces have rested, dried, and stabilised.

If pieces A&B are bought together - they will be shipped together, so just select one option of medium sized shipping.

© Peter A. Smith
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